Suzys Dash - 2007 Sorrel Mare 15.2hh
Extended Pedigree
Dashs Secret SI 98
Suzys Siesta
Dash Ta Fame SI 113 First Dash Dash
Sudden Fame
Champagne Lane SI 106
Lanes Leinster
Dashin Sandy
Dash For Cash
Easy Secret
Siesta Suzy
Megaforce SI 93
Suzy Sundance SI 77
"Woodbridge" sired foals of which 77 were Performers. Performers of these Foals: 44 Race Winners; Total Race Earnings $1,821,143. Earned; 2 Performance Wins; 12.0 Performance Points, 1 Performance ROM and BFA $30,402.89
"Suzys Siesta" is the Dam of 3 foals of which one was a performer
"Dashs Secret" is a race Winner; Total race Earnings $10,310. He sired 54 foals of which 33 were performers. Performance of these foals; 15 Race winners; Total Race Earnings of $ 377,966
Suzys Dash's career got cut short with a hock injury. She was barrel racing and was ready to futurity at the time of injury.
Missability- 2010 Sorrel Mare
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Perfect Possibility
First Down Dash
Perfect Arrangement
Dash For Cash
First Prize Rose
Easy Jet
Go Cherokee Go
Missles Josey
Missile Bunny
Bunny Mackay
Evelyns FireWater
Fire Water Flit
Evelyns Pay Day
5 Panel Tested N/N
Perfect Possibility needs no introduction. He has proven offspring all over the map.
Missles Josey is a LRA, WRA, FCA Rodeo Winning Mare
Missability is a little spit fire that placed 12th in the 2015 Canadian Futurity Standing with only attending 5 of the futurities.
She may only stand 14.1hh but don't let her size fool yah!!!!!! She thinks she is real big and her wheels proves it. She Clocked a 17.3 on a standard set with a 45 foot score.
Some of Missability's Accomplishments to date:
7th in 1st Go of Stettler Futurity
8th in 1st Go of Cardston Futurity
13th in 1st Go of Cadagan Futurity
9th in 2nd Go of Cadagan Futurity
7th in the Average at Cadagan Futurity
3rd in 1st Go of Dawson Creek Futurity
2nd in 2nd Go of Dawson Creek Futurity
2nd in the average at Dawson Creek Futurity
5th in the Open (115 entries) at Dawson Creek
14.2 NFR Size Pattern-her first jackpot entered and won it by 4/10th

Six Candles- 2011 Sorrel Mare
5 Panel Tested N/N
Fire Sixes
Fire Water Flit
AP Packin
Flit Bar
Slash J Harletta
Packin Sixes
Small Favors
Native Mystery
Mac Meyers
Majors Meyers
Mystery Te
Streakin Hot
Streakin Six
Hot Blooded
Six Candles (Whiskey) was purchased in partnership with us and Brent, Diane and Steph Denham from the CBHI Sale in 2012.
Whiskey was an amazingly talented mare that could turn inside out with a blink of an eye. As a 4 yr old she was showing great promise of being a top contender in the barrel pen. But unfortunately her career was cut short with an injury. In 2017 we decided to breed her and see if we could raise some talented babies that would carry on their momma's athletic abilities.
This mare has a pedigree stacked with champions. Her foals are just as talented as she is!
DDD Rockabye
2017 Offspring
DDD Woodbe The News
2015 Offspring